Why did Lord Krishna break his flute, and how did Radha die?


Banglahant Desk: Radha Krishna) Premlila has set a shining example in the minds of Bengalis, needless to say. It is believed that the union of the living soul and the paramatma takes place in the union of Radhakrishna. That is why it is not possible to separate Radha and Krishna in any way.

In fact, the wonderful explanation of Radhakrishna's love given by the poet Joydev through his 'Gitagovinda' in the twelfth century can be said with certainty that immortality has been gained in the minds of Bengalis and Indians.

It is believed that in the Dwapar era, Vishnu was born as Sri Krishna, and mother Lakshmi was born as Radha. But everyone knows that even though Radhakrishna's love gained immortality, their love was incomplete. But did you know that the end result of Radha's separation from Krishna was not found in his own life?

Sri Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was endowed with various divine powers from his childhood. He met his best beloved Radha for the first time when he was only 6 years old. Their eternal bond of love was the flute of Sri Krishna. Radha could never deny the call of this flute. So Sri Krishna never used this flute as a symbol of their love.

Radha Krishna's last reunion is known from many such incidents. At that time Kangsaraja i.e. Sri Krishna and Balaram's uncle invited them to Mathura so that a shadow of mourning descended on Vrindavan. The people of Vrindavan do not want to let their beloved Gopal go to Mathura to defend the invitation. Finally, with the support of the mourning people of Vrindavan, Sri Krishna left for Mathura. But before him, Sri Krishna met his beloved Radha for the last time and shared all the sorrows of their minds for the last time.

When he left Radha for the last time, Lord Krishna promised to return to him. But he never returned to Vrindavan. But even though Sri Krishna left, Radha was always remembered in his mind.

After this incident, Sri Krishna met Rukmini. Unbeknownst to her, Rukmini started loving Krishna. Rukmini does not hesitate to oppose her brother to make her love a reality. When Sri Krishna requested him to take her through a letter, Sri Krishna took her and married her. Then Sri Krishna killed many other evil people including Kangsa through various leelas.

On the other hand, even though the rhythm of Radha's worldly life returned to normal, Sri Krishna continued to exist in all her mind in the absence of Krishna. Even though she is doing her duty to her husband, her mind is on Krishna. In fact, even though souls are reunited in this way, outwardly their lives move in a completely different rhythm.

In this way, feeling the pull of love for Sri Krishna, Radha went to Dwarka to meet Krishna for the last time. Since the people of Dwarka were not aware of his identity there, he requested Krishna to allow him to remain there.

Radha remained in the palace as an ordinary nurse. Due to his various activities there, he had the opportunity to meet Sri Krishna. But gradually he began to feel a lack of spirituality in their meeting. Radha thinks that once her separation from Krishna, that is, the external interval, the firmness of their relationship will return.

At this time Sri Krishna, knowing Radha's mind, appeared before him for the purpose of meeting him. He requested Radha to make some demands from him. But when Radha denied it, she was upset. But later Radha requested Sri Krishna to play the flute. At Radha's request, Sri Krishna aroused the tune of his flute. In this way the tune of the flute is played day and night.

At the tune of this flute, Radha merged with Krishna in spiritual form and Radha passed away. Sri Krishna could not accept the scene of the end of his loved ones in front of his eyes. So at the last moment of Radha, he broke the flute as a sign of their love and threw it in the forest. It is heard that Sri Krishna has never been seen playing the flute since then.

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