Why doesn’t water come even after the opening of the pumping station? Trinamool candidates in extreme discomfort at the question of the elderly couple in the campaign


BanglaHunt Desk: The election campaign has started in full swing on behalf of all parties since the Damama market of votes. Candidates like him have also come down to the center with their waists tied to create public relations. From there, news of political violence is sometimes coming up and sometimes it is strange.

On Monday, Trinamool candidate Debabrata Majumder alias Malay Majumder was campaigning with the blessings of the elders at his home in Jadavpur. “We have been working for 10 years, highlighting the failures of the Modi government for six years and the Left government for 34 years,” he said. Besides, he heard about the lack of complaints of the locals.

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Then disaster struck. Candidate Malay Majumder fell into extreme discomfort. The question was raised by an elderly couple during a door-to-door campaign in Garfa. The elderly couple asked, ‘Why doesn’t John come even though the Chief Minister has inaugurated the booster pumping station?’

However, Malay Majumder said work has been suspended since last year due to the lockdown. He even promised that it would be launched in the next two to three months. Besides, the question of the old couple of today had left the Trinamool candidate in a state of discomfort.