Why don't you live with father Saif Ali Khan? The big truth is leaked


BanglaHunt Desk: Saif Ali Khan (saif ali khan) daughter Sara Ali Khan (sara ali khan) entered Bollywood a few years ago. His name will be among the newest star children in the industry. Sara has won the hearts of everyone in a few days with her acting skills and humble demeanor.
Sara lives with her mother Amrita Singh and brother Ibrahim. Father Saif Ali Khan and step mother Kareena live separately. However, sometimes the actress went to Saif Kareena's house with her brother. His relationship with Kareena is also quite good. But despite that, why not stay with Saif?

The actress herself answered this question in an interview. He was asked that most of his upbringing was done by his mother Amrita. Has he ever lacked a father? Sarah replied, “I can't live in a house where my parents are unhappy. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. My mother never let me down. After we were born, my mother left her career and spent the whole time in the care of Amaz. We are fine with mom. It is a joy to meet my father again. ”

Saif spends more time with Timur. In this context, Sara said, “Taimur is my younger brother. When Dad is with Timur, he gives Timur the whole time. Give us the whole time when you are with us. He loves everyone equally. I don't think my father lives with us. ”