Why India’s name echoed in Apple’s important meeting, Tim Cook told the big reason


Apple की अहम मीटिंग में क्यों गूंजा इंडिया का नाम, टिम कुक ने बताया बडा कारण

Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook inaugurated and toured two retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai, he has become a fan of India. Yes, you can guess this because he took India’s name 20 times in front of his special employees in the company’s internal meeting. There are many reasons for this as well. The company has shifted its entire focus from China to India. India has also not disappointed Apple. By giving double digit growth, the company has been helped in making profit. Let us also tell you that after all, for what reasons Tim Cook has taken India’s name 20 times in the team meeting?

Made a new record of growth

The CEO of Apple repeatedly took the name of India in the team meeting because the Apple business has set a new record in terms of sales and revenue in India. He said that on an annual basis, the growth of the company has been seen in two digits, which is quite commendable. Only last month, Apple has opened two of its retail stores in India. One store has been opened in Delhi and the other in Mumbai. Which he himself inaugurated after coming to India. Giving information during the announcement of the quarterly results, Cook said that the two stores have done well and he is hopeful that both the stores in India will give better results than the rest of the stores in the world.

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India’s market is growing rapidly

According to Team Cook, Apple’s business in India is growing steadily and has given a record double digit growth in the quarter. Looking at the results, it has been a great quarter for Apple. Tim Cook has made it clear that he has full focus on India, because India’s market is growing rapidly, which he himself is surprised to see. He himself said that he will expand his operational part. So that there is no shortage of any kind in customer service.

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