Why lit a lamp or candle for 5 minutes at 7pm, Dr KK Agarwal explained the scientific explanation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all the people to pray on the date, that is, on Sunday, at 8am, by turning off the lights of his own house and lighting a candle. Now, with the Prime Minister's request, other opposition from the left have started protesting on social media. By lighting a lamp, a candle or a flash, the Prime Minister said that she would show solidarity in the fight against Corona.

For those who are opposed to lighting candles, Indian renowned doctor KK Agarwal has elaborated on the matter. Dr. KK Agarwal is a Padma Bhushan doctor. Dr. KK Agarwal, for the madman who has shown scholarship in all matters, explained how the subconscious mind works and how it helps to fight.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi had told all the countrymen to play dishes, hours and so on to encourage the corona fighters. The country also actively responded to the Prime Minister's call. Of course, the Left also took up opposition against Prime Minister Modi! Watch that video:

And now how once the Prime Minister Modi has called the country to show solidarity, it is a matter of seeing how the people are taking it. To show that the fight is not for anyone, the fight is for everyone. In this case, the Prime Minister also requested for the purpose of lighting a lamp or lighting.

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