Why local parts and accessories should not be installed in the car? there is danger of death


Car Accessories: 500 रुपये से सस्ती कार एसेसरीज, आपके सफर को बनाएंगी आसान

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Recently six months old on Jaipur National Highway Mahindra XUV700 The incident of fire made a lot of headlines. Car catching fire is not a new thing, but the case of Mahindra SUV is different because it is the most expensive car of the company. However, the auto company issued an official statement after investigation. SUV I have given the reason for the fire. According to Mahindra, the original wiring harness of the SUV was tampered with to fit aftermarket accessories. Because of this the car caught fire.

Aftermarket accessories, i.e. accessories bought from a local shop instead of the car company, has caused the fire. It is a matter of pride that no one died. But this incident shows that using local accessories or parts can even lead to loss of life. Let us see what are the disadvantages of buying accessories or parts from a local shop.

Quality: The biggest problem with buying accessories or parts from outside rather than from the car company is the quality. The car company’s authorized parts and accessories are of good quality but are expensive. Whereas, cheaper parts and accessories are available in the local market, but often their quality is poor.

Certificate or Test: Parts or accessories purchased from a local shop are not certified. That’s why buying them can prove to be harmful. They are neither tested properly nor there is any arrangement for safety. Therefore, the condition of the car remains a threat to your safety and security.

Warranty: Fitting local parts or accessories in the car also runs the risk of voiding the warranty. When you get local accessories fitted, original parts or wiring of the car may get tampered with. If the company comes to know about this, then it can refuse to give warranty. Hence, forget local accessories if you want to maintain the warranty of the car.

Performance: If you fit local accessories by flouting the rules, then the performance of the car will be directly affected. The biggest danger is that it can affect your safety and security. If the situation worsens, the car may also catch fire. It is not right to risk life in such a situation.

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