Why pour water on Shiva's head, find out his scientific explanation!


BanglaHunt Desk: One of the main deities of Hindu deities is Mahadev Shiva. Hindu women pour water on their father's head in the hope of getting a groom like Shiva. Their success was achieved with the blessings of their father. There are enough scientific and mythological explanations behind pouring milk in this Shivling.

Scientists believe that when cows eat grass during the rainy season, they eat a variety of bacteria along with the grass. This can lead to milk poisoning. So it is poured in Shivling without drinking the milk of the rainy season. This is done because Shiva drank the gourd produced during the churning of the sea in his own voice.

Again, Ayurveda says, the amount of poison is more in the rainy season milk. So to keep the human body healthy, to avoid getting sick, milk is poured into Shivling without eating.

However, just as there are many scientific explanations behind the pouring of milk in Shivling, there are also many mythological explanations. In ancient times, the gods and demons churned the sea with the help of the mountain of evil. At this time a lot of treasure came up from the sea. But with it came a lot of gorillas, which was harmful to the environment.

When a deity was reluctant to share that garal, Mahadev took all the poison in his voice. And protects the environment from toxins. After this incident, his whole body temperature increased several times. To save Mahadev from poisoning, the goddess Tara appeared and made Shiva drink. That is why he is still bathed in milk to reduce the irritation of Shiva's poison.

However, spiritualists say that the Shivling placed in the womb of the temple receives various negative energies from the environment. It maintains the balance of the environment. When the temperature of Shivling rises after taking negative energy from the environment, that warmth is soothed with milk and coconut water. Later this water is drunk as charanamrit.

On Shivaratri, women worship Shiva and pour water on Shiva's head. It is said that girls keep this vow to get a good groom like Shiva. But many people are not aware of why Shiva is worshiped and milk is poured on Shiva's head. Following the ancient method, everyone poured water on Shiva's head on Shivaratri.

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