Why thousands of people in the liquor store on the other hand 20 people discount in the final reform? Question Shiv Sena


BanglaHunt Desk: Shiv Sena leader and MP Sanjay Raut scoffed at the lockdown on liquor sales. Raut said the liquor store is but a danger to the people. The number of people affected by corona is also increasing due to the increase in the number of people. Corona divides into red, green and orange zones based on infection. Of these, only liquor stores are opened in the orange and green zones. And then begins the intense rush of wine lovers to buy wine.

Infection is on the rise

The Flix Hospital in Sector 13 of Noida District Administration has been sealed. On May 4, a patient from Khoda Colony in Ghaziabad was admitted here. He died during treatment. A nurse at the hospital was later found infected.

The number of corona cases is increasing in these parts of India

Even 203 in Saharanpur, 18 in Firozabad, 126 in Ghaziabad, 120 in Moradabad, 607 in Agra, 294 in Kanpur, 246 in Lucknow, 221 in Gautam Budh Nagar, 46 in Ray Bareilly and Mathura, 35 in Base, 33 in Amroha, 5 in Baranshah, 1 in Varanasi, 6 in Varanasi. 53, 30 positive patients were found in Santnabirnagar, 30 in Shamli, 21 in Bagpat, 20 in Jhansi and 19 in Siddhartha Nagar. Maharajganj-Kannauj 6, Rampur 29, Sambhale 25, Mozaffarnagar 28, Sitapur 22, Gazipur 6, Amethi 5, Lakhimpur Kheri-Pilivit-Kashganj, Sultanpur-Mirzapur 4. In other words, corona infection is on the rise across the country. It was not possible to reduce his resh even after locking down.