‘Why was everyone silent during the assassination of saints in India?’, Kangana lashes out at Bollywood over ‘black assassination’ in America


BanglaHunt Desk: She is the 'Queen' in the world of acting. It can be said that he has created a different brand in Bollywood. You are right, I am talking about Queen Kangana Ranawat. There is nothing new to say about his acting talent. Kangana has shown her acting skills in one film after another like Queen, Manikarnika, Tanu Wades Manu, Judgmental Hai Keya.
Kangana is better known in the industry as 'lip-smacking'. He never backed down for fear of saying the right thing. He did not have to read less in the face of public debate. Once again, Kangana has come up in the limelight. He has opened his mouth about the incident of black murder in the United States. However, the actress did not express her displeasure over the issue like the non-Indians, but asked why everyone was silent during the recent assassination of a saint in India.
George Floyd, a black man, was strangled to death by a white police officer in Minnesota, USA. The world is now in turmoil over this incident. Protests are going on in America. That protest has ignited in India as well. Bollywood stars have been seen to express outrage over Floyd's assassination, to be vocal about racism.

But in this context, I would say that Kangana has walked the opposite path of the stars. According to him, most of the stars are supporting the issue without knowing it. In a recent interview, he compared Floyd's assassination to that of a saint in India and asked why no one at the time said anything. He further complained that the sadhu assassination took place in Maharashtra where most of the stars live.
The actress said it was a shame. Bollywood stars just want to imitate Hollywood. Everyone wants to be famous for 2 minutes. Kangana added that they have not yet got into the habit of enslaving whites. There are also many environmentalists in India who are working on global warming. They also got Padma Shri. But without supporting them, the stars support a white foreign woman.
Incidentally, the last time Kangana was seen was in a Panga movie with Richa Chadda. He will then act in Thalaivi and Tejas. Kangana has been in her hometown of Himachal Pradesh since before the lockdown.