Why was this Bollywood actress seen in Sadak 2 implicated in the drugs case? The accused have now revealed the secret


सड़क 2 में नजर आई इस बॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस को ड्रग्स केस में क्यों फंसाया गया? आरोपियों ने अब उगला राज

Chrisann Pereira Arrest: Bollywood actress Chrisann Pereira, caught in the spirit of revenge, has to go to jail. The two people who framed the actress have now been arrested. During interrogation, the accused have revealed all the secrets and told why they implicated the actress in the drugs case.

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Bollywood Actress Chrisann Pereira Arrest: Actress who has worked in Bollywood films crisan pereira Got into big trouble. She was implicated under the conspiracy with a sense of revenge and the actress is behind the bars because of this. But actress The police have arrested both the persons who were sent to jail by implicating them in the drugs case. The name of one of the two persons is Anthony Paul, who is a resident of Borivali, Mumbai. While talking about another person, his name is Rajesh Babhote, who is a resident of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.

Talking about Krishan Pereira, the 27-year-old actress was arrested a few days back at UAE’s Sharjah airport. He had a trophy in which drugs were found hidden. He is currently in jail and has been accused of smuggling drugs. At the same time, during police interrogation, both the men told that they trapped the actress in this trap with a sense of revenge.

Why did both the people do this?

Both told that they had to take revenge on Chrisan’s mother Primila Perera and that’s why they trapped the actress and prepared this plan. Both the accused lured Chrisan to work in an international web series and called him to UAE. While going to the airport, the trophy was caught in her hand and the actress was completely unaware that drugs were kept hidden inside the trophy she had taken.

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What was the matter after all?

Talking about the case, in this, Anthony Paul, who runs a bakery in Malad, Borivali, went to his sister’s house to meet her during the Korana epidemic. Chrisan’s mother Primila also lived in the same building where her sister lived. While Paul was going to meet his sister, Primila’s dog started barking at him and even tried to pounce on Paul.

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In order to defend himself, Paul attacked the dog with a chair, seeing which Primila got very angry and reprimanded Paul in front of the other residents. Just at the same time, Paul had decided that he would take revenge on Primila and hatched this conspiracy and made Primila’s daughter Krishan his target. Talking about Krishan, she has been a part of many Bollywood films.

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