Wife of dead soldier wrapped in flag breaks down in tears, villagers say goodbye with tears


Bangla Hunt Desk: In order to protect the motherland and the people of the country, the Indian army has always been protecting the country at the risk of their own lives. Leaving their families behind, they stay in the border areas to protect the country. A few days ago, India's heroic jawan Manish was martyred to protect the motherland.

When the body of Shaheed Manish was brought to his house in Khujnare, the whole village collapsed. People are standing on both sides of the road waiting for the martyrs. Upon reaching the village, the villagers honored the martyr with flowers. The bodies of the martyrs were brought wrapped in flags.

Wife Aarti broke down in tears

Wife Aarti was waiting to see her husband for the last time. When the army team took Shahid Manish to his house, his father, mother and wife also broke down in tears. Wife Aarti has been crying for the last 3 days since receiving the news of her husband's death.

He was taken to Muktidham for the last rites

Expressing sympathy to the bereaved family, the body of the martyr was kept there for a while. He was then taken to Muktidham for his funeral. After showing the body of the martyr to the family members, the soldiers brought the body of the martyr Manish to Muktidham. Preparations for the martyrdom of the martyrs were going on there through the Guard of Honor.

The name of Shaheed Manish will live on

At that time, Shaheed Manish's father requested to see his son's face once more. But when the army did not support him, he became angry. Former MLA Amar Singh Yadav and Army Colonel reached the spot and arranged for the last rites of the martyrs by persuading the father of the martyrs with great difficulty. In the presence of thousands of people in Muktadham, Shaheed Manish's grandfather faced his brother. Villagers captured the scene on camera. At the same time, they say, as long as there is sun and moon in the sky, the name of Shaheed Manish will survive.

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