Wife stuck in lockdown, newlyweds not allowed to see dead husband in Uttar Pradesh


BanglaHunt Desk: Husband dies in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. From there, the phone rang again and again at Sujata's uncle's house in Gholsi, East Burdwan, but as a result of the lockdown, Sujata, who got married four and a half months ago, could not see her husband for the last time.

Fulbati Gautam alias Sujatar of Khiradpur village in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh was married to Ajay Gautam of Rabidas Nagar in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. Three months after the marriage, she married her husband. Then a month and a half ago, my parents and two brothers came to my uncle's house in Gholsi, East Burdwan to see the fair. The lockdown started after Mama came home. As a result, all the family members got stuck there.

A week ago, Sujata found out that her husband Ajay had a fever. He was admitted to a local hospital. Then Ajay and Sujata talked on the phone a few times. Ajay repeatedly asked him to return home. But as there is no way to return home in the lockdown, Sujata keeps counting the days when the lockdown will happen.

On Thursday morning, news came to Mama's house that Ajay was in a very 'excessive' condition. The news of her husband's death reached Sujata on the same day. Sujata, who has just lost her husband with her family, went to Gholsi police station to prepare the necessary documents to return to Uttar Pradesh. However, Sujata failed and returned from there. The interstate border is currently sealed. That is why it is not possible for the police station to do anything. The block administration also said that since it was an inter-state matter, neither the block administration nor the district administration had the authority to give permission in this regard. Only the state Home Office can give permission.