Will any iron thing get stuck on the body after getting vaccinated? Viral video

Bangla Hunt Desk: How many strange things happen in the world, which may not seem believable without seeing it with your own eyes. This time such an incident came to the fore centering on coronary vaccination. There have already been rumors about the corona vaccine at home and abroad. There are even ongoing studies on its side effects. However, no doctor could have imagined the incident that came to light this time. One person gained magnetism after taking the covid vaccine. Surprising to think, according to the preliminary investigation, the incident is absolutely true.

According to a media report, the incident took place in Maharashtra’s Nasik district. The family claims that a man named Arvind Sonar has gained magnetism after taking two doses of Kovishield. Now any iron thing is stuck to him like a magnet. At first, the family did not pay much attention to the incident. The man was sleeping in bed after the vaccine was brought. Suddenly a coin was stuck on his shoulder. They thought that maybe the coin was stuck in their body due to sweat. But then, as soon as the coin is released, it is understood that it is stuck in a very tight way, like the iron on a magnet.

Even after bathing, it does not come off on its own. Not just coins, sometimes small and big spoons, sometimes anything made of steel, this person can stick everything on his body just like a magnet. A video has already been released by the family to prove the truth of the incident. Arvind Jagannath, a resident of Shivaji Chowk area in Nasik, took the second dose of Sonar Kovishield on June 2. The family claims that he has developed this special ability since then.

His son Jayant said, “I first noticed this incident. Suddenly I saw some coins on my father’s shoulder. At first I thought maybe he was sleeping and when he woke up, he must have been stuck in the coins lying in bed because of the sweat. After a while, he stopped a few more things, then our perception began to change. ”

Health Minister Rajesh Top has already directed an inquiry into the matter. He said it was necessary to verify the truth of the incident. It is important to know if the vaccine is really behind this. That is why the investigation has been ordered. No one could have imagined that such an event could be real. However, it is not possible to say anything accurately until the investigation report comes out.