Will be sitting on the wedding pedestal soon, before the new member Anukush-Andrila's family!


BanglaHunt Desk: The love between Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen is no longer unknown. The two are going to hang out together, spending time together. It has also been reported that the two will get married soon. Even the entire lockdown was spent by the two families together at Anukush's house.

It is heard that Ankush and Indrila are going to seal their love soon. However, no news has come out about their marriage yet, but a great good news has been heard recently. Before the marriage, a new member has come to the family of Ankush and Andrila.

Nah, this member is not a man. In fact, Ankush and Andrila bought a new car. They bought a black Skoda car. The two have shared that picture on their Insta handle. And viral pictures as soon as shared. Ankush Andrila's close friend Vikram Chatterjee was also seen making funny comments in the film.

By the way, fans have been wanting to see this sweet pair of Ankush Andrila on the big screen for a long time. Eventually their dream is about to come true. This time Ankush and Andrila will share the screen together. Courtesy, Director Raja Chand's film 'Magic'.

As soon as you hear the name of the film, you will understand that the magic related sapper will be in the film. Anukush's character is Indrajith and Indrila is playing the role of Kriti. Both are designers by profession. Anukush's senior is Indrila. But senior Indrila alias Kriti fell in love with the junior designer's eloquence.

Anukush's character is an expert in showing magic. He does everything from simple magic to stage shows. This is how the story of the film goes, said director Raja Chanda. Devashankar Haldar and Bidipta Chakraborty will be seen in the role of Anukush's parents. Besides, actress Payal Sarkar is also in a special role.