Will give up eating ice cream when you see this video, public bids – Baba is taking it


Ice Cream खाना छोड़ देंगे जब देखेंगे ये वीडियो, पब्लिक बोली- उठा ले रहे बाबा

Seeing the recipe of ice cream, people’s mind was blown awayImage Credit source: Instagram/@cravingseverytime

Weird Ice Cream Recipe: It seems as if a competition of ‘outrageous recipes’ is going on in the country. Some are adding bhindi to noodles, while some are inventing golgappas with eggs. But one shopkeeper has crossed all limits. This gentleman mixed such a thing ice cream roll prepared, seeing which you might ice cream Leave the food alone. There is a caveat. If you are an ice cream lover, then don’t watch this video.

It is okay to experiment to add new flavor to the taste, but when playing with the iconic dish, brother, it will not be tolerated at all. An ice cream guy has invented such a recipe, seeing which people are saying – this guy will not get a place even in hell. In the video going viral, this person is showing making Chhole Bhature ice cream roll. What… Chole Bhature. Yes, you have read absolutely right. We cannot write here the way the man tortures with ice cream in the video. It would be better if you watch this video yourself. And yes, control your anger.

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See here, the recipe of Chole Bhature ice cream

The video of this ice cream recipe with a strange combination has been shared on Instagram by an account named @cravingseverytime. The video has been liked by six thousand people, while in the comment section, users are lashing out at the shopkeeper.

A user has written, even this much sin is not good brother. Have some fear of the one above. At the same time, another user has commented, Hey Thanoswa Kahan Gaya Ray Bhai. You are greatly needed here. Another user has written, better than this I should eat Kheer of Suryavansham.

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