Will lockdown step in? Multiple restrictions will be in place after lockdown ends!


BanglaHunt Desk: The corona virus from China has wreaked havoc all over the world. Many died of the virus. And many are affected. The lockdown that Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for preventing coronary infection is set to end on April 7. But now the question is, where is the coroner's anger going up and down this day, will this lockdown be lifted by the central government? Now, the number of coronary tract deaths in the country has exceeded 4,000 and by Monday, the death toll had reached 4 lives.

So now the question is whether the lockdown deadline will be extended by the Center but there has been no comment from the Center on the matter. However, according to the information received, it is known that the lockdown may not be extended this time, but the lockdown will be restricted to districts where the rate of coronary infection is high. According to the report, positive cases have been found in about 8 districts of the country.

Again, in 12 districts, the transmission rate of the virus is extremely high. Coronary infections are more than 5 percent in these districts. According to reports, lockdown is expected to be lifted but ban will be issued in these 12 districts at a later time. The boundaries of these districts have been sealed and only emergency services are known to be on.OhIt will not be, but will be taken step by step, according to the news received by the tie that is underway.

New cases of Corona positive have increased in the country in the last 4 hours. Whereas in the country, the number of coronary attacks a week ago was 122 and the death toll was 12, the number increased to 6 in just 7 days and the death toll increased to more than 4 and the number of people increased to more than four. It is only known that the decision will be taken after examining the situation. However, it is reported that after the lockdown, the train service will be operationalized separately.

It has been learned after examining the entire situation that the transmission is stuck in some geographical boundaries of the country. In Rajasthan, a very aggressive way was taken to prevent the Corona transmission in Vilwara district where the entire district was sealed by the local administration. So it seems likely that such a move could be taken in these 12 districts

The Union Health Minister claims that since the disease is not airborne, not everyone in the family or hospital is being affected by the disease. The disease is spreading from human body to other human body. So, with the strong attitude of lockdown, this virus will be able to control a lot. On the other hand, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that the rate of corona test has been increased from this time so the situation of other points of the country could be normalized after the lockdown by gradually raising the lockdown.

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