Will Prabhas reach the stage of ‘Bahubali’ from ‘Adipurush’, has given more flops than hits in 21 years of career



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Adipurush Actor Prabhas Career: Pan India Actor on 9th May Radiance upcoming movie of Lone man The trailer has been released. Along with the fans, Prabhas also has high hopes from this film, because in the last 6 years he has not been able to give a single hit film. His last successful film was Bahubali 2, which came in the year 2017 and was a blockbuster.

Adipurush will be released in theaters on June 16. Now what wonder this film will show, will it end the drought of hits for Prabhas, it will be known only after the release of the film. But before that let’s try to understand how has been Prabhas’s career so far, like how many films has he done so far? How many were flops and how many got success.

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21 years of film career

Prabhas’ film career is not of five or ten years, but he has been working in films for the last 21 years. His first film was Ishwar which came in the year 2002. This film was average at the box office. After that Prabhas did many films, including flops and blockbusters.

8 films have been flops

In a career of 21 years, Prabhas has done 20 films so far and Adipurush is going to be his 21st film. Most of the films in 20 films have proved to be flops. So far he has given 8 flops in his career, including Raghavendra (2003), Adavi Ramudu (2004), Chakram (2005), Pournami (2006), Yogi (2007), Munna (2007), Ek Niranjan (2007), and 2022 I have included Radhe Shyam. Apart from these films, his 5 films have been average.

These films of Prabhas became super hit

Prabhas has also given many great films in his career, which people also liked a lot and those films also earned a lot of money. So far three of his films have been super hit at the box office. The first film is Chhatrapati, which came in the year 2005. According to the reports, this film had earned 21-22 crores. Darling, which came in 2010, was also a super hit with a box office collection of around 50 crores. Apart from this, Prabhas’ next superhit film is Mr. Perfect, which came in the year 2011. This film had earned around 28 crores.

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Prabhas Blockbuster Movies

Prabhas gave his first blockbuster film in the year 2004, which was named Varsham. Mirchi, released in 2013, also proved to be a blockbuster. These films made Prabhas a star, but then Bahubali, which came in the year 2015, gave him recognition at the Pan India level and after Bahubali 2, he became famous everywhere. Bahubali had earned around 600-650 crores worldwide and Bahubali 2 had surprised everyone with its earnings. The film had a worldwide collection of around 1800 crores.

However, now it has to be seen what wonder Adipurush shows in terms of earning. Along with Prabhas, stars like Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan are included in this film.

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