Wine glass in hand, cigarette in mouth, women dancing to Bhojpuri song on picnic: viral video

viral video: Picnic amazement begins as soon as winter sets in in December. Everyone from young to old became mete with the joy of various picnics. However, in some cases, excessive pleasure exceeds the limits of decency. Such a video has gone viral in Netpara. Surrounded by this, there has already been a storm of criticism among the residents of Net Para.

Captured from video

The current era is the era of social media. We capture the events happening around us on camera and post them on social media. Those pictures or videos went viral in many parts of the world. But many times we do not notice that As a result, many negative incidents spread

It is very rare to have a picnic with alcohol or cigarettes. It happens at many picnics. However, at the moment there are many children on social media In that case, these videos may have an adverse effect on them.

The viral video shows a group of women dancing to the famous Bhojpuri song 'Lollipop Lage Nu'. A glass of wine in their hands. Cigarettes burning in the mouth.

The video went viral as soon as it was posted on social media. There is a flood of like comments. However, a large part of Netpara is criticizing women. They say there are a lot of little ones on social media right now. Be more careful when posting such videos in front of them. Watch this viral video