Wise crow helps helpless rats cross safe roads, viral video on social media

Viral Video: A touching video is going viral on social media. This video is about a crow and a wild hedgehog. The video shows a wild rat stopping in the middle of the road while crossing the road. And at that time a car was coming in front, seeing the car coming, a crow tried to cross the road quickly to keep the rat safe. The rat was unable to move, and for this reason the crow was helping him.

Crows are very much appreciated after watching this video. In the video, the crow is helping the rat to move with his mouth. This video proves that there is kindness in animals. There are a lot of amazing videos of animals and birds on social media these days. Videos of many animals and birds have been going viral on social media, especially since the lockdown was imposed due to the corona virus.

This video is catching everyone's eye on social media. The video has been shared in a group on Facebook. Everyone is reacting after watching this video. One writes that animals have more understanding than humans. Another writes that people should learn something by watching them.

Many people have given their own feedback on this video. And everyone is applauding this amazing work of crows in the video. Crow's intelligence is much higher, it is known to almost everyone. And this video proves once again that extraordinary intelligence of crows.