Wistron company vandalized in India seeking 25,000 jobs, fun looted China

BanglaHunt Desk: Wistron Corporation, the company that manufactures iPhones in India, had a big problem on Saturday. Due to the problem, the company with a caller from Karnataka also lost Tk 438.4 crore. The leftist attitude and Chinese intervention in this incident cannot be denied.

At 8:30 am on the day of the incident, when the shift was changed, there was a sudden noise. There have been allegations of stone pelting, massive factory vandalism, arson, burning of a car and even the theft of an iPhone worth around Rs 1.5 crore. Office equipment is also severely damaged.

Allegedly, the Taiwanese company had invested Rs 60 crore here last year to build the factory, but was not paying the workers properly. The salaries of the workers were reduced. However, Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwat Narayan was present to check the situation. The Karnataka government has also promised to help the company.

The company has filed lawsuits against 6,000 people over the incident. Of these, 5,000 work for the company and 2,000 come from outside. It also promised to employ 25,000 Indians by 2021. But now everything has come to a standstill. However, Apple currently has 2,000 permanent employees out of 12,000 employees and is discussing giving them a safe environment and due respect.

A leftist angle has also come to the fore in this incident. IITUC General Secretary MD Harigovind said that the incident took place because ‘Wistron Corporation’ was exploiting the workers and creating a very bad environment for the workers. Complaining about the BJP, he said that the growth of this company is at the behest of the BJP government.

However, China is very keen to intervene in this matter. Qingqing Chen, chief reporter for the Global Times, a spokesman for the Chinese government, said: I asked Foxconn, “Do you regret taking the iPhone company to India?”