With the book in hand, the pose ‘Hot’ MP Nusrat, Bonu Mimi’s stab, ‘What did I read?


BanglaHunt Desk: Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty, two of Tollywood's first-line stars, were already close friends. At the same time, for the first time, both of them became MPs by winning the election as Trinamool (TMC). The friendship between all of them continues to grow. They gave each other affectionate nicknames 'Bonu'.

However, like all my dear friends, Nusrat Mimi does not stop making fun of others when she gets a chance. When a person posts a picture, he appreciates it by opening the honey, and then he also sneezes a little. Mimi did the same with Nusrat again.

Nusrat Jahan recently shared some photos from the new photoshoot. She poses with a book, Work with Me, written by Barbara Anis and John Gray. Sometimes by dipping her face in the pages of a book and sometimes by holding a book in her hand, the actress has been captured on camera with a smile.

In the caption of the photo, Nusrat wrote, “I know how to punch if Sundari is needed as well.” Mimi's comment in this post of Bonu is a mischievous smiley with 'What did you read?' However, Nusrat has not yet responded to Mimi's remarks.

Incidentally, he had earlier met his dear friend Nusrat in London and shared a selfie mm taken with him on his Insta handle. Mimi and Nusrat are both captured in this film without make-up.

Here it is OfA woman named Mina Santra wrote, ‘Mimi, Sam, like you, was a serpent friend of mine who thought she was cosmopolitan. He would upload the selfies that he liked and I disliked. By this he meant that she was more beautiful than me. You uploaded the picture just as you like it. 'However, neither Mimi nor Nusrat commented on this.