With the help of Trinamool, two days after the relief of CPI (M), the pot went to the family of MP Deb's own brother-in-law.


BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP Dev has not been in the pot for two days in his cousin's family. Dev's eldest son, his mother, is starving. Wife Including two little boys, a girl. Deb's elder brother Vikram Adhikari also went to the local grassroots leader, village head, hoping for rice. But he was sent back from there saying that the MP's brother needs relief again. At the end came the local CPI (M) members. They helped the brother of the Trinamool MP with rice and pulses.
The actor will give his home in Mahishda village of Keshpur police station, 25 km from Medinipur city. His father Gurupada Adhikari and three grandfathers Shaktipada, Vishnupada and Tarapada grew up together. Vikram is the son of Vishnupadar, the eldest son of Dev. It is known that their condition was not very good from the beginning. After the death of his father, Vikram started working as a bus helper.

But now that work has been delayed due to the lockdown. He also cut paddy in people's land with his wife for some time. Vikram said that he had applied for ration card with everyone. But the card hasn't arrived yet. But now those who do not have ration card will also get ration. He also went to the local grassroots leaders in that hope. But it has been heard that he himself is the brother of MP Dev. What is the need to eat his ration rice!
Vikram has a 60-year-old widowed mother, wife and two young children at home. The children have been lying on their stomachs for only two days. Forced to look for rice, Vikram came to Keshpur market. There he met local CPI (M) workers. On learning of Vikram's condition, they came home with rice, pulses and some cash.
It is learned that Dev's family was close to CPI (M) before. But Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee nominated Dev for the Ghatal Lok Sabha seat. Ghatpur includes Keshpur. So later the political color here also changed. It has been learned that not only ration card but also widow or old age allowance will not be given. In this context, Vikram said, ‘Dada has become an MP on his own merits. But everyone knows that we are poor. Even then, it is not known what this cruel joke means. '