With the whole body floating in the air, Tumul Viral Sushmita Sen's 'hot' workout


Banglahunt Desk: Sushmita Sen has not made a film in Bollywood but this popularity has not completely broken in popularity. Rather, it is increasing day by day. Year 3's Sushmita is 'Old Wine'. As she gets older, her glamor is changing.

No matter what the age, the actress continues to exercise and exercise regularly, regardless of age. Except for photos of family and friends walking around on his Insta handle, all the bodywork photos and videos. Needless to say that Sushmita spends a long time every day behind it.

Now everyone is at home in the wake of the lockdown. All the gyms are closed. However, Sushmita did not stop exercising her body. He has a gym and the whole house in his own home. The actress has been practicing yoga and bodybuilding for the past few days in Lockdown. And sharing those pictures on his social media handle.

Two such photos have recently gone viral on NetDunia. As shown in the film, only Sushmita has floated her whole body in the air with mass on her feet. Balance is not moving at all. Needless to say, the pictures went viral. Netizens are also praising the actress.

Earlier, Sushmita was also seen having sex with boyfriend Rohman Shaw. The picture went viral. However, the actress did not think about marriage even if she fell in love with Rohman. He is too busy to take care of the guardianship of his two daughters.

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