Within a lockdown, she walked 5 km to her boyfriend, got married


A girl walks out of the house during the Andhra Pradesh lockdown. Her destination was to visit her boyfriend sixty kilometers from her village. So the girl reaches out to him and marries him. About 3,000 people have died due to this disease and about one lakh people have been infected.

The Corona virus is getting stronger. And the number of coronas infected is jumping. And in this situation, there are more than five thousand infected people in India. Several Union Ministers, NGOs, industrialists and government agencies have contributed funds to the Prime Minister's announcement to provide financial support.

Meanwhile, Chitrakala Bhabani, a nineteen-year-old boy from Hanuman junction in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, fled to his lover. His boyfriend lives in Adipalli village, 60 km away from the village, his name is Sai Punnaya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken strong action against the Rona virus. He locked down for the next 20 days to keep the service normal and under control. Both of them shared their relationship with their family

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