Without pants, just sitting after the sweater! Netizens joked about Pawel's new picture

BanglaHunt Desk: Payel Sarkar is one of the most popular actresses in Tollywood. He has been in the world of acting for a long time. He has acted in several films so far.

'Happily Single' at 36 is this hot actress from Tollywood. Payal is like ‘old wine’. His attraction is increasing with age. Bold figure as dazzling form. He was able to increase the pressure of the man's chest.

Payal recently shared a new photo on the social media handle. He was captured on camera wearing a white off-shoulder fur sweater. However Payal also had to be a troll with this picture. Even in this cold weather, the actress posed for the camera without pants only after the sweater. However, the film has been quite viral.

Incidentally, the actress has shared a few new pictures before. He is sharing the screen with Ankush Hazra and Andrila Sen in the next film. The name of the picture is 'Magic'. Last night was the press conference of that photo. Payal was seen in a black and white polka dot short dress that day. With matching glam makeup. Payal also posed for the camera while standing with Ankush and Andrila.

Magic will be released on February 12. On the same day, director Raja Chand said that he had already thought of Ankush and Andrila as the protagonists in the film. Photo shooting started after the lockdown. February 12 will mark the tenth anniversary of Ankush and Andrila's relationship.

Incidentally, Ankush's character name is Indrajith and Indrila is playing the role of Kriti. Both are designers by profession. Anukush's senior is Indrila. But senior Indrila alias Kriti fell in love with the junior designer's eloquence.

Anukush's character is an expert in showing magic. He does everything from simple magic to stage shows. This is how the story of the film goes, said director Raja Chanda. Devashankar Haldar and Bidipta Chakraborty will be seen in the role of Anukush's parents. Besides, actress Payal Sarkar is also in a special role.