Woman bathed in ‘blood’ on the red carpet of Cannes, took a big step to support Ukraine


कान्स के रेड कार्पेट पर

Cannes Film Festival Image Credit source: United24.media Twitter

Cannes Film Festival 2023: Cannes Film Festival 2023 is in headlines these days due to the films premiering and the stars reaching there. But today such an incident happened there, after which once again the Cannes festival came into limelight. Something happened that a woman reached there on the red carpet and started pouring fake blood on herself.

During this time the woman was wearing a blue and yellow dress in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. At the time when this incident happened, the screening of the film Acid was going on there. It is being told that the woman has expressed her protest on the red carpet of Cannes in support of Ukraine. However, no information has been revealed so far about who the woman was.

security personnel let out

In the video going viral, it is seen that the woman comfortably comes on the red carpet and stands a little higher on the stairs. After this, she takes out two bags containing red colored fake blood from inside her clothes and starts pouring it on herself. On seeing this, the security personnel reach there and catch them and take them down the stairs and then they are taken outside.

In the year 2022 also the woman protested

Let us tell you that last year also during Cannes, a woman tried to take off her clothes in support of Ukraine. The flag of Ukraine was painted on his body and it was written, “Stop raping us.”

Let us tell you that since February 24 last year, the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on. In the last one and a half years, Ukraine has suffered huge losses in this war. Russia had initially bombed cities like Kiev and Kharkiv. Protests have been taking place against Russia and in support of Ukraine in many big events before Cannes.

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