Woman lying on the railway line, the whole train went over! Netizens watching the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Viral video seems to have become our constant companion these days. Thanks to social media and having a smart phone, we can watch all kinds of weird viral videos at home. Sometimes it is a wild animal, sometimes it is a human activity.

Almost all of us have to take the train from time to time for work. But think about it- you are not boarding the train, but the train is riding on you! Isn’t it shocking to think? It’s like being surprised. One such video has gone viral on social media these days, which has shocked the netizens.

Check out that video first-

The video shows a woman lying on the floor of the train, but the train is moving. And many people have gathered on both sides of this moving train. As soon as the train left, it was seen that the woman was completely unharmed. He was not harmed in the slightest. Another man in the crowd grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away.

The incident happened on February 18 in Rohat, Haryana. According to the woman, a train on the line was probably waiting for the signal. Seeing the train standing, the woman started crossing the line and the train started moving suddenly.

Seeing the wagon moving, the woman applied her present intellect to save her life and lay down on the railway line. After lying on the line, the whole wagon continued to move slowly over him. But there was a lot of space under the train and the woman remained completely unharmed. Sharing a video of this scene on social media can go viral.