World Guru India: India has secured over 25,000 foreigners in the midst of pestilence around the world.


Bangla Hunt Desk: After the Corona virus epidemic came to light, India not only took steps to protect the citizens of the country, but also made every effort to bring back the trapped Indians. Also, foreign nationals trapped in India have been provided safe passage to their country. According to statistics, till now the Government of India has achieved success in delivering more than 20,000 citizens to their country in five dashes. The figures are from the middle of March to the 1st of April. At the same time, in the lockdown, the Indian government is working to bring back the trapped Indians to India.

Among the foreigners who have been transported to their country are 120 American citizens, 5 Canadians, 4,000 Japanese, 2,000 British nationals. Many European citizens are also protected from being transported to their country. For this, the Modi government arranged chartered and special flights. Other countries also arranged flights to take their nationals back home. Many citizens of the golf country, European country and neighboring country have been sent to their homeland safely.

Six Singaporeans have been repatriated to their homes. Thousands of Malaysians have been sent to their country by security. Many Malaysians were trapped in southern India, they have also been repatriated. Arrangements have been made for the return of Australian citizens. Not long ago those Australian citizens were sent by special flight to their country. Among them were five New Zealand nationals. About 3,000 Australian citizens applied for diplomatic assistance to the Indian Mission.

Prime Ministers Narendra Modi praised Israel, Brazil and US presidents. Because India sends many essential products including drugs to those countries. The World Health Organization also praised India's role in the fight against Corona.

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