World will surround China with Corona, meeting may be held next week in the United States

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is obsessed with China over the Corona virus (COVID-19). All countries have been vocal in their protests against China for the origin of the deadly virus. A meeting was convened by the United States Security Council on April 7. China will not be able to survive this time. China will no longer use any craft. This time, action will be taken against them.

About 4,000 people in the world have died due to this disease and about one million people have been infected. In this situation, the head of the Security Council said that he would hold a video conference with UNSC's jurisdiction over video-4 on Kovid-1. The Secretary-General of the United States will also attend the meeting.

Last week, the Dominican Republic's Special Envoy, Joe Singer, said the Security Council will hold their first meeting next week on the Corona virus. It will be chaired by the Dominican Republic for the month of April, which was held last month in China. But they did not talk about the Corona virus. It was then understood that China was trying to cover up their fault. That's why they didn't open their mouth about the Corona virus.

Joe Singer, Special Envoy to the Dominican Republic in the United States, said: “We know that Kovid-1 will be the main issue now. And we're working on this. Ambassadors of the country called for a meeting on this issue and asked to do so quickly.

European countries are spreading to Italy, with the spread of the Corona virus. More than 3,000 people have died from the disease. Most people have died in Italy because of the Corona virus.

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