Worship devoutly to please Saturn, happiness and peace will return to the world


Banglahunt Desk: Among the 5 crore deities of Hindus, Saturn is one of the deities. Hindus worship him to save him from his wrath. When a bad moment comes in a person's life, it is said that he has been seen. So there is no improvement in his life. Once Shanidev's vision falls on someone, it does not go away easily. The women of the house worship many deities for the good of the world. However, all the people of the world have gone through a bad time, praying for him to come back for a good time. That is why the bar is worshiped every Saturday in order to please Saturn Deva. Hindu women worship Saturn on Saturday, devoutly worshiping God.

Even though Saturn is called an evil, it is wrong to say that Saturn is a god of misfortune. Shanidev is a god of traditional Hindu religion. He is the son of Suryadeva and his wife, Shayadevi, hence he is also called 'Shayaputra'. Saturn, the god of death and justice. And he is the son of Suryadeva and Mother Definition, and the younger brother of daughters Yamdev and Jamuna Devi. There is but one vehicle belonging to the other goddess Mati Shanidev. On whose back he rode various places of Devlok. Shanid's vehicle was like a crow.

According to Brahmavirut Purana, one day Shani Dev's wife Devi Dhamini came to her with a beautiful robe and came to pray for her. But the meditating Saturn does not notice it. As a result, Attikapam's wife cursed Saturn, 'You did not want to return to me even once. Well from now on, whatever you ask for, it will be consumed. ' However, like many others, the incident took place in Mangaldev's plot.

Saturn but good is good, bad is bad again. Even though he was enraged by many, he never deviated from the path of truth. He is part of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva alone. He is worshiped to keep Saturn. If you donate sesame seeds or sesame seeds on Saturday, happiness will last in your life. And if you can put some sesame seeds and pomegranate in your pocket. That will bring you much good.

Shane Dev loves black and blue colors. So if you read Kajal on a Saturday, your peace will still last. Again, since the eyes are good, there is no possibility of damage. And during the worship of Saturn, put some blue flowers with pusup, the gods will still be pleased with you.

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