Worship Hanuman, the son of the wind, every Tuesday according to this special rule, your destiny will change


Banglahunt Desk: Hanuman, the son of Pawan, is worshiped in all Hindu houses. He is mentioned in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The main character of Ramayana mentions Hanuman as Rama's main ally and assistant. Hanuman is credited with rescuing Sita's mother.

According to the scriptures, the name Hanuman comes from the words Hanu (“jaw”) and Man (“prominent” or “ugly”). Which means, “Hanuman” means “ugly jaw”. From his childhood, Hanuman was a boy of very fickle nature.

Hanuman is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. During the exile of the Pandavas, Hanuman descended in front of Bhima in the guise of a sick and old monkey. He wore this disguise to teach Bhima. On the way to Bhima, Hanuman sits in the disguise of a sick old man.

When Bhima wanted to pass him, he told Bhima to move his tail. Bhima applied all his strength but could not move his tail. Then he felt that the old man was no ordinary man. That is why he is remembered by Hanuman.

Many people read Hanumal Challisa every Tuesday and Saturday, and they eat vegetarian on that day. It is possible to get rid of sins and get rid of evil spirits by bathing and reciting Hanuman Challisa every day.

Hanumanji is always worshiped as a source of energy. And to escape from various dangers, go to the temple to worship. It is heard that if Hanuman recites Challisa every day, especially at night, if Saturn has an effect on life, then there can be no misfortune in the world.