Worship in the form of Mahadev's Nataraja: energy will come to the soul, ball will come to mind


Banglahant Desk: Devadidev Mahadev (Mahadeb) is the husband of mother Parvati along with her son and daughter. Bab Mahadev is the crematorium but also the god of yoga meditation and art. As terrifying as he is a monster destroyer, he is also a creator of dance and music.

Apart from Shiva's Rudra idol, Nataraja idol is also world famous. Even as a dancer and a regular dancer but we get Devadidev. Mahadev has been an expert in dance and music since ancient times. This Nataraja form of Mahadev is the most found in all of India and Tamil Nadu in central India.

Shiva's name is associated with these two dances, Tandava and Lasya. The dance of Mahadev in the guise of Kal-Mahakala is called Tandava dance. This dance carries destructive identities. On the other hand, lasya is a sweet and smooth dance.

The emotional lasya dance is imagined as the dance of Parvati. Many also consider lasya as a feminine alternative to violence. The characteristics of these two dances of Mahadev are related to destruction and creation.

According to the Puranas, it is only when the goddess is enraged that the form of this terrifying dance becomes apparent. This Nataraja idol is world famous for its meditative state or for dancing Mayasur on its back. Later this Nataraja idol was considered as the promoter of dance Devadidev not only dances Tandava, his enchanted form is revealed. If you worship this form of Mahadeva, you will come to life, you will come to mind.