Worship Ma Kali to fight in difficult times, danger will be ten times away


Banglahunt Desk: Maa Kali is one of the main goddesses of Hindu goddesses. Another name for this goddess is Shiva or Adyashakti. The worship of Kali's matriarup is especially popular in Bengali Hindu society, especially in various forms of mother Kali. According to Puranas and Tantra literature, various forms of Maa Kali are available. Dakshinakali, Bhadrakali, Siddhakali, Guhakali, Shamansakali, Mahakali, Rakshakali, Krishnakali etc. are different forms of Maa Kali. At different times, the mother took the form of the evil one. Just as the mother worships Rudramati, Kali's mother is venerated. Various forms of Kali mother are worshiped in the name of “Brahmamai”, “Bhavtarini”, “Anandamayi”, “Merciful”.

Of all the forms of Maa Kali, the most famous and venerated of his southern times. In this form the mother is quadrilateral. The mother holds the sword in four hands, the broken head of the asura, the groom and the abhayamudra. And the neck is a necklace of necklaces instead of jewelry. This form of mother is but black. Crazy hair on the mother's head. And above all, he is standing in front of Mahadev Shiva's chest with his right foot in front.

Mother Kali lives with her devotees in all walks of life. Help him In any case, the devotees support him. He is the source of all power. Mother's place Tarapith, Dakshineswar (Dakshineswar), Kalighat are great sacred land to all Hindus. Many people come here to seek help. Many devotees visit the pilgrimage every day for the purpose of reincarnation with their mother. I can protect his fans from all dangers. At the peak of life, mother stands beside her devotees. He is the source of all energy. When the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters of the world turn away, their mother gives him shelter. They give him strength. Helps to rise again in life. Losing aroused the desire to do something good in life.

Bamakhepa, a saint, was a teacher of Kali's mother. In his weakest days, mothers were with him, giving him much strength. They are the only ones who rely on their weakest times. In danger, they all sought refuge. Mother stars make life beautiful and beautiful from the side of her devotee at every moment of life. So the glory of mother stars in the world is infinite.

Mother worshiped at the temple as well as at home. Those who have Kaliptima established in the house, they perform the rituals. Kalipuja is also performed at special places, special special places. Mother's worship is celebrated in the morning with illumination. When you call your mother in devotion, the mother responds to the call of all.

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