Worship Mahadev on Monday, all desires of the mind will be fulfilled


BanglaHunt Desk: When there was no light, no darkness, not even day, neither night nor night, nor honest, dishonest or not – on earth, only Lord Shiva lived. Mahadeva is one of the main deities among the Hindu deities. Hindu women poured water on their father's head in hopes of receiving a bride like Shiva. With the blessings of the father, they receive their benefits. There are many scientific and mythological explanations behind this infusion of Shibling. Scientists think that when eating grass during the monsoon, cows eat different types of bacteria with grass. As a result, there may be poisoning in the milk. Therefore, the monsoon milk is poured into Shivling without drinking. This is because Shiva drank in his own voice while the churning of the sea took place.

Goddess Mahadev. God is the most venerable God to all people. He was satisfied with very little devotion. His devotees are spread all over the world. The father does not return his devotee empty-handed, seeking anything from his father in pure devotion. The father fulfilled all his wishes. That is why many people go to Tarakeswar in addition to Shivratri and pour water on the head of their father. After purifying the bath, the head of Shibling should be washed thoroughly with water and honey and then pour the milk. This will not be a problem in the life of the family by the grace of the father, the job will also improve. Mahadev is very happy. He was happy to worship his father with a little flower, belpa. Put laddu, yogurt, peat-pulley, and more milk made with sugar in the dish. These are the favorite foods of Baba Mahadev.

Again, Bell is a very dear father. This bell is but a symbol of absolute life again. Therefore, wishing the longevity of the people of the family can provide the father with fruit. In the case of flowers, Dad does not like colorful flowers at all. However, Dhutura and Akand flower but father is very dear. Therefore, you can also please your father with duttura and akanda flowers with tulsa. Again, before the fruit of the Bell, the flowers that bloom in the tree, Mahadev loves it too. Those flowers can also be given at Father's feet.

Belpata is one of Mahadev's most beloved Pusp. Therefore, in devotion, the Father only responds to the devotee by calling him with a leaf only in pure cloth. But if Shivlinga is kept at home or in the temple, he should be kept in front of everyone. It is best to keep the usual pujas wherever possible without having to hide in a corner.

Again, during the worship of Mahadev, you can give him the tilak of white sandalwood. Shweta Chandan will keep his father's head cool and happiness in life. However, Bhasma is also a favorite item of my father. After pouring water on his father, he was pleased when he offered Mahadev. However, keep in mind that the snake is like a father's ornament. Therefore, by means of an octave or stone, Shiva will make a penis, as if a snake must exist.

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