Worship of the Hanuman will end all the suffering if the crisis is resolved


Banglahunt Desk: Mahabali Hanuman is remembered as relieving the world crisis. The words of Ramabhakta Hanuman are written in the gold sign in Ramayana. Hanuman's name comes first as Ram's favorite devotee from rescuing Mother Sita. Pawan and Anjani's son Hanuman was very strong from his childhood. He was a boy of a very playful nature. He had to be cursed for his repeated manifestation at this stage and power. He was told that if anyone reminded him of his power in the future, he would regain that infinite power.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, many people read forty and forty days, and that day they eat in peace. By bathing and reciting Hanuman Challisa every day, it is possible to eradicate sins, as well as expel evil spirits. Hanumanji is always worshiped as a source of energy. And to escape from various dangers, go to the temple to worship. It is heard that if Hanuman recites Challisa every day, especially at night, if Saturn has an effect on life, then there can be no good in the world.

And many of the regular Hanuman forty reads to get rid of the ill effects of this. Onake's life goes bad. That is, Saturn's condition goes away. Then the mantra of Saturn will start to fade away from life and peace will come down in life. Good luck comes back.

After bathing in the morning, Hanumanji should be worshiped with a pure heart by wearing red or orange clothes. If you can satisfy Hanumanji, then all the crisis in the world will go away. Hanumanji is worshiped by mixing orange vermilion with jasmine oil. Jasmine oil is again very dear to Hanumanji. So Hanumanji was satisfied even when he lit the oil lamp. Laddu is Hanuman's favorite food. So it is better to keep laddu as puja prasad.

Basil leaves can also be offered in the worship of Hanuman as a source of superpower. However, Sriram will keep the flag written in front of God, then all the trouble will be removed. And of course you should chant the name Ram after the worship. Only then will happiness come to your family.

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