Worship the contented mother every Friday according to the rules, happiness and peace will come in life


Banglahant Desk: “ॐ Shri Santoshi Maae Gajanandan Dayini Friday: Dear Goddess Narayani Namastute”. The first preaching of Santoshi Maa was started in the early sixties. The popularity of the contented mother continues to grow through oral stories, books containing vows, posters, etc. There is a temple of Goddess Santoshi in Jodhpur since ancient times. The goddess was born on the full moon day on Friday. Therefore, Friday is chosen as the day for worshiping Santoshi Mar.

Satisfied mother is dressed in a quadrangle. Santoshi Ma holds a trident and a sword in both her four hands and the coins of Baravaya and Sanhara in the other two hands. The mother's trident is a symbol of the three virtues and the sword is a symbol of knowledge. To fulfill their desires, father Ganesha created Goddess Santoshi as a daughter. His name is Santoshi because he was created to fulfill the desires of his grandfather's mind. The day was Rakhi full moon day and Friday. This goddess, the possessor of contentment, fulfills all the desires of her devotees, so she is called the contented mother.

It is forbidden to give sour and non-vegetarian products in the worship of mother Santoshi. The mother's prasad should be given in small quantities to the animals. Satisfied mother vows are made every Friday. Ghee lamp is to be given in worship of mother. After bathing in devotion on Friday, the person can worship the mother himself in pure clothes. Pots should be placed by bot, kathal, pakur pallab. Mango leaves cannot be given. All flowers and bel leaves should be given in worship.

If you want to draw a puppet, you have to mix ghee with vermilion and give banana as a whole fruit. In this way one has to take vows on 18th Friday. You have to suffer soaked gram, eye molasses, sweet fruit. To break the fast after puja, one has to take milk, gram flour, fried with potatoes, sweet fruits and water.

On the day of vow celebration, 8 boys have to be fed. On the day of vow celebration, the child should be dipped in 17 salty sugar juices without sweets and offered to the mother. Break a coconut and give coconut water to the mother's feet. If mother vows contentment in this way, your life will be filled with happiness and peace by the grace of mother. And by the grace of the mother all evil, sorrow, unrest will be removed.