Worship the sun god in this way every day, all diseases will be released from your life!


BanglaHunt Desk: The Sun God (Surya Dev), one of the 33 crore gods and goddesses of the Hindus and the common example god is Surya Dev. The sun god is worshiped as a source of strength and energy. It is said that worship of the Sun God brings vitality, peace of mind, strength and success in life.

According to the mythological Vedas, the sun is considered to be the soul of the earth and the eye of God. The sun god is remembered as the destroyer of diseases. It is said that bathing in the holy Ganges before the sun rises in the sky frees a person from all diseases. At the same time the person is entitled to good health.

After bathing and looking at the rising sun, the sun god will be satisfied if he worships the sun god with ghee lamp, red flower, camphor and incense. It is said that when the gods are satisfied, they provide longevity and success in good health.

There is a story in the Puranas about the worship of the sun god. Where it is said, Sri Krishna (sri kishna) son Shambha possessed the dominant ball. He was always proud of his physical strength. Once Durbasa Muni went out to meet Lord Krishna. Durbasa Muni, who had been doing penance for a long time, was very weak physically.

Shambha, the son of Lord Krishna, continued to be proud of his own strength by insulting and ridiculing Durbasa Muni in that weak head. In this incident, the angry Durbasa Muni cursed Krishna's son Shambha with leprosy. Seeing this plight of the boy, Lord Krishna remembered the sun god.

According to his father Sri Krishna, his son Shambha started worshiping the sun god. By which he got rid of this difficult disease in a short time. That is why the sun god is also called the healer of diseases.

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