Worshiping Lakshmidivi will bring happiness back to the world and full of wealth


Banglahunt Desk: Everyone hopes for happiness, peace and wealth in the world. Everyone wants to be happy with their family. Do not let the lack of access to the world one day. That is why the Hindu family worships Laxmi (Laxmi) every Thursday. With the grace of Lakshmi Devi, happiness and wealth come to the world. However, Lakshmi Devi is very agile. He does not stay long in one place. Therefore, many times when Lakshmi Ganesh is worshiped together, happiness and peace, wealth of jewels also emerges.

Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess. This goddess is the goddess of wealth, spiritual wealth, good fortune and beauty. We see the owl as a goddess. Apart from Hinduism, pictures of Lakshmi Devi are also seen in Jain monuments. However, this goddess was more worshiped in the house of a Hindu. Elakshmi puja, especially on the day of Deepavali and Kojagari Lakshmi puja is celebrated in almost every house on Purnima day.

The meditation mantra of Lakshmi Devi is: “O pakasamalaikamvos – creationism – Soumyaoyah.
Padmasanahata is the highest Shriya trilokyamataram.
Gauravarnanga Surupancha Sarbalankar-Bhusitam.
Rukkapadam-Brikarkong Bardang Dakshin Tu “.

Bengali Hindus mainly perform weekly worship of Lakshmi Devi every Thursday. All the women in the house perform this puja. When he called Lakshmi Thakur in the bath by adding puja to the purified garments, Bhagavan answered his devotees. After the worship, 'Lakshmi Panchali' is recited with flowers and billows in hand.

It is said that Narad went to Vaikuntha on the night of a rocky night and told Lakshmi and Narayan about the plight of Murtis. Lakshmi Devi said that this is the result of human misconduct today. But at the request of Lakshmi Devi Nardamuni, Lakshmivrata came to Murtallo to cry out to the people. When he came to Mortylok, he found a rich merchant named Dhaneshwar in the city of Avanti. After the death of his father, his mother was about to commit suicide due to problems between her sons. Then Lakshmi Devi advised her to make Lakshmi and sent her back home.

Then Dhaneshwar's wife made him a target with his daughter-in-law. And then all the misery of their world was gone. In this way, the magnificent words of Lakshmi Devi spread throughout the world beyond Avanti Nagar. Again, by the grace of Lakshmi Devi, the rent of the people is never vacant. Therefore, Lakshmi Devi is worshiped for the happiness of the world, for peace and wealth.

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