Worth is China's rice, China's business is collapsing due to export of defective equipment

BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown status has been issued across the country to prevent coronary virus (COVID-19) infection. Everything is stunned. At this time, China is seeking to dominate the markets of India, America and Europe. That is why China opens up 4-5 percent of its factory in their country. And spends $ 3-4 billion on raw materials produced in the factory. That is, a huge part of the economy is leveraging new products.

Despite all this, there is not much benefit to China. China is unable to export the goods properly, even though it is manufactured. The Chinese government thought lockdown status would be lifted from India after April 7. And then the demand for Chinese goods will increase. China was aiming to fill the Indian market in Chinese goods. But the Indian government has not yet planned to lift the lockdown status in India. The Modi government may also extend the lockdown instead of lifting it. Even before the lockdown period ends, the Odisha government has requested them to extend the lockdown period.

China has been able to export only $ 2.5 billion worth of goods such as masks and ventilators in the last 8-20 days. In the event of an epidemic, the lockdown was invested $ 4 billion to produce goods. And hoped to make huge profits. But in the hope of them, the whole water is poured. This will have a huge impact on China's economy.

Apart from facing business losses, China now faces another problem. Every friend of China who was interested in making friends before the impact of the Corona virus, even those whom China was interested in making friends with, is now speaking out against China. China has defied countries like Spain, Turkey, Nepal, Italy, France, Germany by sending defective medical equipment to help. By sending substandard masks, test kits, etc., those countries have now voiced their protest against China. Gradually, these countries are now sending their goods back to China.

China, a country affected by the Corona virus, was first given a variety of medical products by his friend, Italy. But after the situation in China got a little better, they sold medical products at a rather expensive price to show Italy their friendship. This left Italy frustrated. China did not understand anything but money, it proved again.

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