Writing to Narendra Modi, Microsoft founder Bill Gates praised the actions taken by Corona


Bangla Hunt Desk: Microsoft founder Bill Gates praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking steps to prevent the Coronavirus virus in the country. Bill Gates has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying, “I am very happy that your government is making full use of its extraordinary digital power against the coronavirus.”

The founder of Microsoft wrote in his letter, I applaud your leadership and the steps taken by your government. Your government's actions have found various ways to prevent coronary infection.

As Bill Gates writes, the steps taken by your government to adopt state lockdowns, quarantine them, identify hotspots for isolation, and strengthen the health care system are commendable. At the same time, increasing the health expenditure and strengthening the health system, furthering the digital approach to experimental methods, is commendable.

Bill Gates wrote to Prime Minister Modi, “I am very happy that your government is fully utilizing the extraordinary digital capabilities to deal with Coroner.” He writes that it is commendable that your government has launched a healing bridge digital app for coronavirus tracking, relationship tracking and connecting people to healthcare. The founder of Microsoft writes, “I am really happy to see your work to make health care compulsory while ensuring social security for all Indians.”

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