WTC Final: Ajinkya Rahane gets Sachin’s birthday ‘return gift’, will play World Test Championship final


WTC Final: अजिंक्य रहाणे को मिला सचिन के जन्मदिन का

Ajinkya Rahane, WTC Final: Ajinkya Rahane has returned to the Indian Test team. Rahane has got a chance in the 15-member team selected for the World Test Championship final.

New Delhi. Date 25 April, day Tuesday, time – 11 o’clock in the morning. Next day of Sachin Tendulkar’s 50th birthday. The tradition of ‘return gift’ instead of ‘gift’ on birthday is all over the world. But this return gift was very special. Quite different. Because no one was expecting this return gift. Perhaps Ajinkya Rahane Not even the one who got this return gift. This return gift is the return of Ajinkya Rahane in the Indian Test team.

Now the question is, what is Sachin’s connection with this return? It is just a coincidence that Rahane’s return happened on the next day of Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday. But it is not so. When Rahane will enter the field with the Indian team after about one and a half years, then the lesson of Sachin Tendulkar which he got in the first test match will be with him all the time. That lesson is the return gift of Ajinkya Rahane. Now when he has to start afresh in his Test career, then he will take the field by tying the same lesson.

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What is the story of the lesson given by Sachin?

Actually, this story is from 2013. Ajinkya Rahane was playing his first test match. In that match, he got a chance to bat with Sachin. It so happened that when Rahane came to bat, the Indian team had lost three wickets for 148 runs. When Rahane reached the crease, the tension was clearly visible on his face. Who could have understood this tension better than Sachin Tendulkar standing at the other end of the wicket. Anyway, Sachin loves Rahane very much. Sachin himself went and explained to Rahane.

Sachin told Rahane that he should not think at all that he has to perform well in this match. Don’t even think about what will happen in the upcoming matches, just stay in the present and enjoy your debut match. This advice proved to be very accurate for Rahane. He did not score many runs but that match was memorable for him. Let us tell you that India won that match by 6 wickets. Now, after about one and a half years, when he will come against Australia in the Oval ground, he will have the same lesson in his mind – to live that moment.

Is the return only on the basis of IPL?

The discussion is very hot that Rahane’s comeback has happened on the basis of his shocking performance in IPL. Rahane this year chennai superkings are in the team. Amazing aggression is visible in his batting. The great thing is that along with the strike rate of more than 199, he has also maintained an average of more than 50. Rahane has 209 runs in his account in 5 matches. It has 18 fours and 11 sixes. He is at number five in the list of players batting with the highest strike rate this season. But this figure should be seen in a different way because the four batsmen who are in the list before him did not even score a total of 20 runs.

Well, this is a measure of return. The real story is Rahane’s performance in Ranji Trophy. In this season, Rahane scored more than 600 runs in Ranji Trophy. This includes a double century. Along with an innings of 191 runs. Therefore, cricket fans should not see Rahane’s return only by linking it to the performance of IPL.

Circumstances also went in favor of Rahane

Sometimes circumstances also go in favor of the player. If Shreyas Iyer had not been hurt, then perhaps Rahane’s return would not have been possible. But when Iyer was ruled out of the final of the World Test Championship, the selectors had to think afresh. Rahane was making runs. Rahane has credibility as a Test specialist batsman. Apart from Pujara, he is the only Test batsman in Team India who has the restraint and balance of the Test format. Obviously the selectors did not have to run their brains much and Rahane was agreed upon. There must have been some discussion about Suryakumar Yadav because he was also in the race, but looking at the pitch condition of England and the Australian team, trust was expressed on Rahane.

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Rahane’s records against Australia are good. He has scored more than thousand Test runs against Kangaroos. It also includes 2 centuries. By the way, along with the lesson given by Sachin, former opener Akash Chopra’s tweet is also very important, which he did on April 24 itself. Akash wrote – The rest look for the players, Dhoni carves the players. So take it sir, Dhoni is ready for the World Test Championship and Sachin’s lesson is pure gold – Ajinkya Rahane.

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