Yashoda mothers deliver 15 liters of breast milk to four-month-old baby


BanglaHunt Desk: Mother infected with corona, hospitalized. So, with the initiative of a small four-month-old child, other mothers delivered 15 liters of breast milk. A social media group in Hong Kong has shown the reality of such an unprecedented incident in the situation of lockdown.

Catherine Kosasi Corona is infected. He was admitted to the hospital after being caught by Corona. Meanwhile, he has a small four-month-old child in his house. He is under house arrest with his father. But it is not possible to give him any milk other than breast milk. Because the baby has allergy symptoms.
A Hong Kong-based social media group has revealed what can be done in this situation. McFarlane, the founder of the social media group called 'Hong Kong Breastfeeding', and other mothers suggested that breast milk be packaged and delivered to the baby.
Breast milk was collected from all mothers. An old man went from house to house on a bike and collected milk. A total of 15 liters of milk was collected.

That packaged milk is kept in a frozen state. This is how the baby is fed for the next two weeks.
The baby's mother, Catherine, thanked the mothers. “I still can't believe all the mothers gave birth to my baby,” said Catherine. However, the World Health Organization did not provide any information that the child's body was infected with corona through breast milk. But Hu also advised mothers to be careful.