YIM's party AIMIM is tying the knot with Kamal Hasan in the assembly


Bengali Hunt Desk: Tamil Nadu is scheduled to hold assembly elections in April-May next year. With the election date approaching, the political heat in the state is on the rise. And this time, actor Kamal Haasan, who has played an active role in the assembly, has been continuously targeting other parties in the state. Meanwhile, the possibility of Kamal Hasan's party forming an alliance with Asaduddin Owaisi's party is also increasing.

There is a rumor in the political circles of the state that after doing well in Bihar, this time AYIM's AIMIM may join hands with Kamal Hasan's party Makkal Nidhi Miyam. YC and Kamal Hasan can contest 25 seats in the state together.

According to a source close to AIMIM, the YC held talks with party functionaries in the state on Monday in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The meeting was held in Hyderabad to plan for the Tamil Nadu elections.

AIMIM's Tamil Nadu state president Bezel Ahmed said, “The party can contest 25 to 30 seats. We have a Muslim average in North Tamil Nadu. We are getting good support in Madurai, Krishnagiri, Vellore and Tiruthpur. ” He said, ‘AIMIM is conducting a study on which seats in Tamil Nadu will field candidates and where. It will be announced after analysis. ”