Yogi police arrested stone-throwing rioters over doctors


Bangla Hunt Desk: Only a few hours, then, the stern action was taken by the Yogi government. Police raided the attack on a team of health workers who went to check on coronary patients at Moradabad. It is noteworthy that locals attacked a team of doctors searching for coroners in Nawabpura Mosque Haji Nab area of ​​Nagfani in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Doctors are throwing stones at them. The ambulance and two police cars were damaged in the attack. Three policemen, including a doctor, were injured in the attack. The SP and DM reached the spot and tried to convince people.

Ambulance health workers said after the incident, when they went there to pick up Corona, people from the neighborhood gathered. They complain that quarantine patients are not allowed to eat. The four policemen present there tried to persuade them. But the crowd, without hearing them, started attacking them with stones.

It is noteworthy that a 4-year-old Corona-infected person who attended Jamaat at Tirthankara Medical University died on Monday night. The health department team then went to Quarantine to send other members of the family on Wednesday. When health workers arrive, people from around the city gather to say that no food is provided at the Quarantine Center. We will not send our people to the quarantine.

Police at the scene then tried to convince them, but the angry mob started throwing stones at the police and health workers, demanding nothing. An ambulance and two police cars were damaged in the stones thrown at the excited crowd. Also three policemen, including a doctor, were injured.

And after the incident, Uttar Pradesh police arrested the attackers with strict action. Posting a video on various Facebook pages claimed that it was Moradabad incident. However, we could not verify the authenticity of the video.

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