You can become a billionaire by investing only 1 thousand rupees


BanglaHunt Desk: The second round lockdown has already been launched in India. The country is becoming increasingly weak economically. In this situation, investors are bound to wander the forehead. Because many people do not know exactly where to put money and find a good return safely. Find out how to make such an investment where you can become a billionaire by investing only Rs.

According to experts, you should invest in Public Provident Fund (PPF) at this moment of lockdown. Because PPFs receive higher interest rates than fixed deposits of banks, it is easy to save money in public provident funds without risk.
You will also get the benefit of tax deduction under section 3C of the Income Tax Act.

PPF is currently paying interest at the rate of 7.1 percent. If you invest Rs 6,000 per month from the age of 25, after that year, the amount will exceed Rs 1 crore. 1 thousand per month for 7 years will cost Rs. 1 crore 8 lakh, Rs 94,988 with interest of 7.1 percent.

L.I.C, on the other hand, has brought a new life pleasure policy. Investors can get Rs 1 lakh by investing 20,000 rupees in this policy. Anyone who is between the ages of 1 to 5 can keep the money in the policy. Can
You can get a loan after three years of taking out the policy. On the other hand, the policy of New Jeevan Anand Plan is from 3 to 5 years.

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