You too can participate in Prime Minister Modi's 'My Life, My Yoga' competition, the prize is 1 lakh rupees


BanglaHunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a special competition for the Mann Ki Baat program. That competition will be on International Yoga Day. The event was named ‘My Life, My Yoga’ competition. The competition is being jointly organized by the Union Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

Every year, the central government adopts separate programs at the international and national levels for the celebration of International Yoga Day. But this time the lockdown is going on due to Corona infection. The rules of social distance must be obeyed everywhere. And that is why the Modi government has organized this competition. Since Sunday, the competition has been opened on the social media handle of the Ministry of AYUSH for the contestants.

What to do in this competition? ‌ It has been said that since everyone is at home, on the occasion of Yoga Day, they will make a three minute short video from home doing various yoga practices (‌Akriya, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra or Bandh). Where the message will be given, why this seat has changed his life. The best of those videos will be chosen. The competition has three separate categories. One under 18, one over 18, another professional yoga artist. Each section has two separate sections for women and men. This means that there are six parts in total. The competition will be in two halves, one half will be between the Indians. The other half is competition from all over the world.

Although the prize money for the world competition has not been announced, the center has announced the prize for the competition that will be held in the country for the time being. The prize money is Rs 1 lakh for the first place, Rs 50,000 for the second place and Rs 25,000 for the third place. Prime Minister Modi said, “Yoga practice is very necessary in this time of Corona crisis. This virus infects our respiratory system the most. There are many exercises to strengthen the respiratory system in yoga, it has long-term benefits. ”

The Prime Minister further said, “The Ministry of AYUSH has taken a great step to increase the practice of yoga in your life. An international video blog contest called 'My Life, My Yoga' or My Life, My Yoga is about to start. Not only India, people from all over the world can take part in this competition. ”