You will also be forced to laugh when you see this guy's shield avoiding the police charge in the lockdown.


The lockdown in India has been going on since last week. Many people have died. The Corona virus is getting stronger. And the number of coronas infected is jumping. And in this situation, more than four thousand people are also affected in India.

Earlier, strict action was taken by the police. In many places, police have taken tough steps. Beating has also been seen in many places. A young man was going to buy drugs from a lockdown in Gopalganj in Bihar. But on the way so that the police did not catch him, he wrote on paper that he was going to bring drugs.

He had a poster on his chest and back that said, “Please don't stick, I'm going to bring drugs.” The young man, Miraj Ahmed, was supposed to come to Gopalganj town, about 5 km from the village.

So he wrote the paper on the shirt and got out. There was also a police checkpost on the way, so he used this method to avoid the beating. And soon after the film was published, many people started laughing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stern action against the Corona virus. He has locked down the service for the next 20 days, to keep it normal and under control. And the police are doing just that.

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