You will also repent from this ladder, people got dizzy after watching the video


Viral: आप भी इस सीढ़ी से करेंगे तौबा, वीडियो देखते ही लोगों को आ गए चक्कर

Would you like to go up this ladder?Image Credit source: Instagram/@sachkadwahai

You must have seen more than one video of desi jugaad on social media. But now the video which has come out has made the netizens cry. In fact, a family has made such a staircase in the house, people have started feeling dizzy just by looking at it. Some are even saying that this Ladder From there you will go straight up, where the soul will meet the divine. You also see how that ladder looks after all.

In the beginning of the viral video, you can see an iron ladder. But this is not the ladder that we talked about above. You can see that a boy reaches the top by climbing the ladder fast. But there is no way for him to go ahead. After this, the way this boy reaches the top floor, you will also be shocked to see him. This is that jugadu ladder, seeing which people’s mind is bewildered.

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Watch the video of jugadu ladder here

The video of the strange staircase has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named @sachkadwahai. About 3 thousand people have liked the video so far. The person sharing the video has asked people, would you like to go through this ladder? It is obvious that people must have been nervous after watching the clip. Most of the people have given their respective reactions in the comment section as well.

A user has commented, I am getting dizzy just by looking at it. At the same time, the other has written, from this ladder you will go straight up. Another user says, this ladder is going to unite the soul with the divine. Those who want to contact can climb on it.

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