Young man holding gun to policeman in Delhi violence seeks bail Said, Corona may be mine


Bengali Hunt Desk: Shah Rukh Khan, who held a gun to the head constable during the violence in the capital Delhi, has filed a bail application saying he is in danger of being attacked by a jailer. The Delhi High Court on Monday sought a reply from the police while hearing his bail application.

Shah Rukh has said in the petition that more prisoners are being held in the jail than the capacity of the jail, due to which the risk of getting infected in the jail is high, so he should be granted bail.

During the video conferencing hearing, Judge Sanjeev Sachdeva took notice of the investigating officers in the case and sought a reply on Wednesday. The court will hold the next hearing in the case on Wednesday, April 29.

Shah Rukh's lawyers Asghar Khan and Abdul Tahir Khan said that Shah Rukh was not safe in jail because of Corona. They said it was not possible to maintain social distance due to the extra prisoners in the jail. For this, Shah Rukh should be released on bail.

The bail plea has been used as an excuse that Shah Rukh has been in jail for the past one month, so he is eligible for bail. Let me tell you, Shah Rukh Khan pointed a gun at a head constable during the violence in North East Delhi. His picture went viral on social media after the incident. Shah Rukh was then arrested on March 3 from Shamli district in Uttar Pradesh.