Young man plays 'John Gon Mann' in a pot, fascinated by the magic of viral video tunes

Viral video: Ghatam is one of the instruments made of clay. In this instrument, a young man went viral in Netpara by playing a wonderful national anthem. The whole world is fascinated by the magic of its melody at this moment.

The current era is the era of social media. Residents of the net neighborhood share any picture or video captured on a smart phone with the rest of the world. And because of that viral picture or video, anyone becomes a star or a villain overnight. Again, just like some videos and pictures make Netpara think, many posts make the mind feel good even in bad times. Such a mind blowing video is viral on social media right now.

As can be seen in the viral video, in many cases, he is playing the national anthem together. His wonderful melody is captivating the whole net world. The video went viral at the moment. Everyone in the net neighborhood is full of praise for the talent of this young man. Many say there is no real shortage of talent in India.

Incidentally, the most common occurrence in South Asia is actually a clay pot. It is also one of the oldest musical instruments in India. It is very popular in Punjabi folk music. The regional name of this musical instrument is Ghara. It is played with the palate and fingers, while holding the lap, the face is towards the player's abdomen. By changing the distance between the pot and the stomach, the composer can change the melody of the instrument. Check out the viral video